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Yoovidhya Family Net Worth

Yoovidhya Family Net Worth

Celebrated Yoovidhya family in Thailand comes with an accrued wealth of $9.9 billion as of 2014 according to Forbes. Chaleo Yoovidhya was regarded as the co-founder of the energy drink brand, Red Bull. Upon his passing in March 2012, he left his heirs with a gigantic estate which is mainly based on his 49% stakes in Red Bull. Yoovidhya also holds interests in sports teams, hospitals and actual estates. Though the distribution of his assets isn’t yet finalized, it’s expected that the estate will likely be broken among his ten children and his grandchildren who are actively involved with the family business. In addition to being the owner of TC Pharmaceuticals, Chaleo Yoovidhya was also a part owner of an exclusive hospital in Thailand, the Piyavate Hospital. The family can be a co-owner of Thailand’s exclusive authorized importer of Ferrari cars.

Yoovidhya Family Net Worth $9.9 Billion

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