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Trina Braxton Net Worth

Trina Braxton, sister to vocalist Toni Braxton, is an American based vocalist and celebrity whose entire net worth estimate amounts to $1.5 Million dollars. Produced in Severn Maryland, Trina Braxton kick started her career as a gospel RnB singer with her sibs while she was still young. Being the youngest of the six sibs from an extremely religious family, Trina Braxton had the privilege to invest her early life touring and performing in various nations along with her dad who was a reverend and her mother who was also a vocalist.

Trina Braxton Net Worth $1.5 Million

Her road to fame began when she and her sibs got signed with Arista Records in the late 80s. They released a studio album which wasn’t a lot of success, but which managed to bring them to the spot light. Toni Braxton afterwards left the group for a solo career, leaving Trina and her other siblings as the only members of the Braxton’s music group. They released numerous singles and LPs throughout the 90s together with serving their sister, Toni Braxton, as back-up singers and opening acts during her tours.

Trina Braxton has, so far, managed to accumulate her entire net worth from her music profession as well as the many appearances she is making on several theatrical productions. The most notable show that she’s been appearing on, is the reality TV series — The Braxton family values, that is in screen since 2011.

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