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Suzie Ketcham Net Worth

Suzie Ketcham Net Worth

Suzie Ketcham is among the last remaining original cast members on VH1 hit show Basketball Wives. The show stars a number of female buddies divorced or married to NBA stars. The women were allegedly paid $200 thousand in the last seasons and standings grew enormously. Suzie is the ex wife of former player Michael Olowokandi. He brought in $38 million during his career as well as in 2005 after his last season playing together with the Timberwolves he was allegedly paid $5 million. His overall earnings form salary and sanctions reached $60 million.

Suzie Ketcham Net Worth $2 Million

Suzie brings in $1 million a year for until she remarries or payments reach $15 million. So far she’s received $6 million in payments. Suzie is famous for her snitching in the show that has caused a slue of play and discourse involving the stars Evelyn, Tami, Shaunie and former stars Jennifer, Royce and Keisha. Suzie possibly brewing a feud between friends Evelyn and newcomer Tasha Marbury. Suzie’s talking has made her a fan favorite plus among the shows most unforgettable characters. She’s enlarged her star status to support products and begin business ventures.

Is Suzie Ketcham's Net Worth Deserved?

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