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Sally Jesse Raphael Net Worth

Sally Jesse Raphael Net Worth

Sally Jesse Raphael Net Worth $14.5 Million

Sally Jesse Raphael or Sally Lowenthal is a talk show host from the US. She has got her wealth by hosting an eponymous talk show called “Sally”, which was on TV for nearly two decades. Raphael also attracts public attention because of her red outsize eyeglasses which she wears in public appearances.

Sally graduated from the Easton Area High School. Father Jesse Lowenthal was participated in a export business and mother Zelda Lowenthal used to run an art gallery. While in New York, she used to work for an AM Radio station called WFAS. After she graduated from the Columbia University, Sally began working for Associated Press and the United Press International. Her first television program was a cooking show. Although her career did not start off nicely, but Sally never gave up.

Later at the very beginning of 1980s, she got her break through chance. Sally hosted a radio show produced by NBC. Aired from 1981 to 1987, it ended up being a major success. With Sally’s own show, Sally can be believed to have arrived big time. It ran from 1983 to 2002. Sally married the very first time to Andrew Vladimir in 1953 and had two daughters. Sally then married for the 2nd time to Karl Soderlund in 1962. The couple adopted a son.

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