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Monica Lewinsky Net Worth

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth

Monica was born and raised in a affluent area in Beverly Hills. Monica’s parent’s relationship was breaking up before her eyes as a kid. Her parent’s mom and dad got divorced when she was 14 and as a teenager she fought to establish a connection along with her dad who became estranged. As a contending strategy Monica was exceptionally busy in school. She adored the arts and performed lead roles in a number of school plays and musicals. But Monica’s outstanding professors and extracurricular activities were not enough to keep her out of trouble. Although Monica’s relationship with Bill Clinton did not occur until she was 22 prior to that she had her first encounter with a married man at just 18 while she was in high school.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth $1.5 Million

Monica had an affair with Andy Bleiler a guy who was her high school teacher. Monica fought with private insecurities due to her weight. Lewinsky was an heavy adolescent in the imaged hung up culture of Beverly Hills. Bleiler was the primary man in Lewinsky’s life who made her feel unique. Lewinsky’s relationship with Bleiler was a replacement for the emptiness her dad left.

Her driving motivation was to break free from Andy Bleiler. But Lewinsky found a brand new fixation when she met the President of the United States of America. They’d briefly met during several events and made extreme eye contact and an interest grew. Herself lifted the rear of her coat and revealed the President of the United States her thong underwear. Between 1995 and 1997 herself alleges she’d nine sexual relationships with Clinton. The scandal was disclosed by Linda Trip who had been a former coworker with Lewinsky. Excursion had recorded several phone conversation of Lewinsky detailing her relationships with Clinton. Tripp gave the tapes to Kenneth Starr who was assembling another case against Clinton in the Whitewater controversy.

She’s been called a Bimbo, a stalker as well as a seductress. In her very own words she describes herself as faithful, loving and compassionate but her image and reputation was forever tarnished with revelations of her relationship with Bill Clinton. For the last decade Monica Lewinsky continues to be made to show facets of her relationship with all the former president of the United States Bill Clinton.

Is Monica Lewinsky's Net Worth Deserved?

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