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Khun Sa Net Worth

Khun Sa Net Worth

Khun Sa Net Worth $5 Billion

Khun Sa is a Burmese warlord that has an estimated net worth of $5 billion. During in his youth, his rebel action began when he prepared with the Kuomintang. In 1963,he reformed it into aKa Kwe Ye local militia loyal to GenNe Win’s Burmese authorities. When he enlarged his military around 800 guys, he ceased working with all the Burmese authorities. Rangoon authorities seized Khun Sa in 1969, and freed in 1973. Then in 1976, he began his career in smuggling opium. He was nearly assassinate by the Thai Rangers and Burmese guerillas. Khun Sa is among the main figures in opium smuggling in the Golden Triangle. In 1989, he was charged by over Yorkcourt for attempting to import 1,000 short tons of heroin. He could be buried at Yayway Cemetery, North Okkalapa, Yangon Division, Burma

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