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Jionni Lavalle Net Worth

Jionni Lavalle Net Worth

“Polizzi. Nicole is among the cast members of the popular reality series, “Jersey Shore” that airs on MTV. Mr. Lavelle is presently studying in school for pursuing a degree. Mr. Lavelle wants to become a teacher. Mr. Lavelle is noteworthy among “Snooki’s” long list of boyfriends, because he has apparently become good friends with her family. Mr. Lavelle does not have any interest in the spotlight or sharing the fame of his girlfriend who was a cast member of MTV’s most widely used show for long. Nicole has gone through a great deal of highly publicized hookups and separations over “The Jersey Shore’s” five seasons.

Jionni Lavalle Net Worth $200,000

Jionni became a father with Nicole, when she delivered the first child who was named Lorenzo Dominic LaValle. There has been a long set of relationships that Nicole was a part of in the past. But this as it seems might stay. The couple considers that their relationship has something specific and it’ll last.

They met during the shooting of “Jersey Shore” season 3. They met because of a one-night stand where she really forgot his name and called him Bernard. Jionni has broken up many times with Nocole, however they’ve managed to reunite constantly. They’re set to wed in a television ceremony in 2013 when their son Lorenzo to be part of the wedding.

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