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Iskander Makhmudov Net Worth

Iskander Makhmudov Net Worth

Mr. Makhmudov has brought in his estimated net worth as the founder and main owner of Gorno-Metallurgicheskaya Kompaniya (UGMK) Holding or the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. It’s the fourth largest non-ferrous metallurgical company in Russia as well as the second-largest copper producer in terms of output. He also owns a stake in Trans-mash holding, the largest manufacturer of locomotives and retail gear in Russia. He partnered with state-owned Russian Railways and the French machine-building giant Alstom. Iskander Makhmudov started his profession in company when he joined the industrialist Chernoy brothers, the billionaire Reuben brothers as well as their Trans-World Group that was once the largest metals-trading operation in Russia.

Iskander Makhmudov Net Worth $4 Billion

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