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Hideo Kojima Net Worth

Hideo Kojima Net Worth

He is also recognized for his anonymous pseudonym Joakim Mogren. Previously employed at Konami, Hideo presently serves as Manager of Kojima Productions. In 2011, Hideo began serving as Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment. In the past, Hideo has additionally served as Konami Computer Entertainment Japan’s Vice President. Hideo Kojima was born on August 24, 1963 in Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan. Hideo is the director and originator of numerous successful video games like Policenauts, Snatcher and Metal Gear. He is also the producer of Boktai and Zone of the Enders. He is regularly named by the industry specialists and enthusiasts as the most progressive and powerful writer and manager of video games.

Hideo Kojima Net Worth $30 Million

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