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Forrest Mars Jr Net Worth

Forrest Mars Jr Net Worth

Forrest Mars Jr Net Worth $2.67 Billion

American businessman Forrest Mars. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he attended Yale University where he completed his masterly degree. They divorced in 2010. Along with his sibs Jacqueline and John, Forrest Mars possesses the giant sweet manufacturing company Mars, which is currently valued at $33 billion. Mars is now considered as the largest sweet manufacturing company in the world these days. The company was established by their grandfather in 1911 who started with chocolate making in Tacoma Washington. In 1929, their late dad Forrest Mars Sr. joined the firm. Together, the dad and son tandem created the malt-flavored nougat which became the basis of making Snickers and Milky Way. In 1941, Forrest Mars Sr. established M&M. Among the company’s products comprise Snickers, Skittles, Twix, and 3 Musketeers.

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