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Elvis Presley Net Worth

Elvis Presley Net Worth

He married Priscilla Beaulieu in 1967 after an extended courtship. Memphis, was 42-years old at time of his passing.The absolute net worth of the Elvis Presley estate is reported to be about $300 million. The singer grew to popularity in 1954 after signing a deal with Sun Records. The recording business sold Elvis contract to RCA in 1955, and the singer started recording about them in 1956. His most famous records contain Jailhouse Rock, Heartbreak Hotel and Dont be Unkind. Click the link to see more fun facts about Elvis!

Elvis Presley Net Worth $300 Million

Priscilla and Lisa Marie make the company decisions regarding the estate, including Graceland tours. Thousands of people still visit the house each year to see where the King resided. Exceptional parties help attract even bigger crowds, like the 60 Years of Rock n Roll party which is being held at Graceland. It’s just suitable considering Elvis is credited with beginning the rock and roll age. Lisa emphatically denies that claim and says the house will always be hers and her kids. Arbitrary Facts: So you thought you understood everything about The King huh? Heres 11 arbitrary facts that may challenge that theory!
1. Elvis Mother bought him his first guitar at age 12 for his birthday. Elvis attempted to convince his Mother to get him a rifle, but that wasnt occurring. She insisted a guitar will be a much better choice.
2. Elvis recorded over 600 tunes! BUT, he didnt write any of them!
3. It took the savage 31 straight takes to record Hound Dog.
4. Elvis entourage made 31 films in his life!
5. The largest group was said to be 152 girls in one night!
6.Elvis hair wasnt even naturally black! He began expiring it in high school. His natural hair color was really a dirty blonde!
7. His breakout hit, Heartbreak Hotel, was inspired by an area suicide in 1956.
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  • Peggy Wilson

    My daughter has the same birthday that ELVIS had, but she was born Jan.8th 1955. She received a birthday card from him. How sweet!!!!!

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