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Edwin Soeryadjaya Net Worth

He’s known to be the son of the deceased billionaireWilliam Soeryadjayawho founded the Astra Automotive Group which he afterwards lost.
He is a grad of the University of Southern California. Soeryadjaya is now married with three kids. In 1998, Edwin Soeryadjaya began restoring the family’s wealth by establishing theinvestment firmSaratoga Investama Sedaya. He’s certainly one of the creators ofcoal minerAdaro Energywhere he now owns a large stake throughSaratoga Capital, his own private equity firm. Soeryadjaya now ownsMandala Airlines, and he is a big stakeholder atTower Bersama Infrastructure cell tower business.

Edwin Soeryadjaya Net Worth $1.3 Billion

Is Edwin Soeryadjaya's Net Worth Deserved?

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