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Coen Brothers Net Worth

Coen Brothers Net Worth

Coen Brothers Net Worth $80 Million

They are mostly called Coen brothers and they are on of the very best, most popular and most influential filmmakers of the past few decades. The Coen brothers were always well-known for their unorthodox and quirky type of directing and script writing which was eventually crucial to their own success. Joel and Ethan started directing few little-budget films in the 1980s like Blood Simple and Miller’s Crossing, until they were discovered by many Hollywood executives.

After that they began shooting various successful and influential films like Raising Arizona, Hudsucker Proxy and one of their masterpieces called Fargo. In 2000 they made one of the most successful comedies of time called Big Lebowski which received an immediate cult status amongst many movie lovers. Coen Brothers are still making exceptionally successful films like No Country For Old Men in 2007 and True Grit in 2011.

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