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Chris Pine Net Worth

Chris Pine Net Worth

It is often asserted the total sum of Chris Pine net worth is as high as $20 million dollars, according to present computations. The performer was created in La, California in 1980. He was born into a household of performers, as his mother and dad were also involved in this sector. Therefore, there isn’t any surprise that Chris Pine additionally determined to be an actor. Yet, after as a teen he got interested into sports more than in playing.

When he was studying in the University of California, Berkeley, he determined that he needed to eventually become an actor. Therefore, he also made a decision to attend performing lessons. In the beginning of his career, Chris Pine has appeared in a few TV shows and show in small parts. This part was likewise the one which turned him from a teen actor to an A list celebrity. The film has also added up to the total size of Chris Pine net worth.

Chris Pine Net Worth $20 Million

Chris Pine has appeared in a few well known show, like “CSI: Miami”, “ER” and “The Guardian”. Due to his abilities as good as his amazing appearances, Chris Pine was selected to appear next to Anne Hathaway in the movie called “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement”. The movie has additionally raised the general appraisal of Chris Pine net worth. In 2007, he got a much more serious character compared together with his previous ones, which was in the movie called “Smoking Aces”. In 2014, he was filming for the generation called “Z for Zachariah” in New Zealand. While filming there, he was detained by authorities as a result of negative roadside breath alcohol evaluation. So, besides his career in playing, which has functioned as the primary source of Chris Pine net worth, he’s been known for his legal problems.

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