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Austin Chumlee Russell Net Worth

Austin Chumlee Russell Net Worth

Austin Russell is a reality television star in the USA. Austin has a net worth of $5 million. Russell gets a salary of $25,000 for each episode he appears on television. Russell has earned his wealth from Pawn Stars, a reality show on the History channel.

Austin Chumlee Russell Net Worth $5 Million

Pawn stars was produced by Leftfield graphics. Austin Russell used to work there and was a childhood friend of Big Hoss. Austin Russell was applied for five years during the shoot. Austin was just 21 years old when he was recruited for the very first time. Chumlee is a nickname from a friend’s dad following the sidekicks of the Tennessee Tuxedo. Austin is put to work behind-the-counter where he’s to test items, load them and to write tickets for items purchased by customers.

Russell is also known as the Village Idiot due to his lack of intelligence and incompetence. People additionally make joke about him for that. Chumlee in response said that he is a master in pinball machines.

Following the reality show got over he started off his own shop where he used to sell vintage items. After in 2010, Austin sold off half of the company to the Harrisons for efficient supply of products.

Is Austin Chumlee Russell's Net Worth Deserved?

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