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Antonio Sabato Jr Net Worth

Antonio Sabato Jr Net Worth

Antonio Sabato Jr. was born in Italy, in Rome but the family moved to the US shortly. In the time Antonio was thirteen years old. He’s been raised in America since then. Antonio is a model and American actor whose net worth is estimated to be $3.5 Million. Antonio first came to the limelight when Calvin Klein picked him as their model.

Antonio Sabato Jr Net Worth $35 Million

The initial modeling assignments came just after he passed out of the Beverly Hills High School. But the real breakthrough was of course when Calvin Klein picked him for a succession of advertisements on men’s underwear. This was only the start. Antonio has since then been hired for all other modeling assignments. He’s moved on to featuring in music videos also. Soon enough, Sabato started to receive many offers for television characters and film appearances also.

Antonio Sabato performed in The General Hospital: Night Shift soap opera also. Antonio performed in this till 1995. Considerably later in 2009, he returned once again to acting in soap operas with The Bold and the Beautiful, and then Celebrity Wife Swap.

Antonio married Alicia Tully Jensen in 1992. Nonetheless the union only lasted for a bit more than a year. He had a son, Jack from a relationship with Virginia Madsen, the performer. Antonio also had a daughter Mina Bree from a relationship with Kristin Rossetti, his longtime girlfriend. Antonio married again in the year 2012. This time his wife was Cheryl Mona Marie. This relationship has become stable.

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