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Andrei Guriev Net Worth

Andrei Guriev Net Worth

Andrei Guriev Net Worth $4 Billion

The Russian senator is additionally the 28th richest person in Russia and 329th on earth. He completed his bachelor’s degree in the State Central Institute of Physical Culture. Guriev has collected his estimated net worth of $4 billion as a senator from Murmansk Oblast and with his control of one of the whole world’s four biggest phosphor fertilizers makers, Fosagro. It creates fertilizer, phosphates, and feed phosphates, which continues to benefit together with the booming fertilizer business. The business bought in September 2012 from the state a 20% interest in Apatit, a company based in the Murmansk area that engages in the extraction of apatite rock. It’s its most important supply of raw materials. Now, Fosagro possesses 77.6% of the organization. Andrei Guriev was once a Moscow communist committee leader who later became an avid capitalist in the 1990’s. Guriev finally became the chairman of the Menatep Group subsidiary Apatit. When Khodorkovsky was jailed for many years and was under prosecution, he headed a management buyout in order to get the control of Apatit.

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